In Memorium

Herbert G. Lowinger 1927 - 1991

Herb was my younger brother and I miss him. We lived in different parts of the country but we visited and talked as often as we could. He was a Chicago attorney who spent most of his career in public service. At the time of his death he was chief examiner of torrens titles for the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, Carol Moseley Braun. Temple Sholom was one of his activities and he served on its Board of Directors.

He was a graduate of Lawrence College in Appleton, Wisconsin and Northwestern University Law School in Chicago and he taught real estate at Truman CollegeHe was a Democratic precinct captain in the 44th Ward and had been president of the Lake View Citizens Council.

A widower, he was married to Sally Rae from about 1955 to her death in 1965.

He collected carved ivory and Civil War memorabilia and lived in an apartment on Hawthorne overlooking Lake Michigan with his cat, Cassandra.